About the Kollel

About the Kollel

Kollel Toras Zeraim - Institute for Business Halacha devotes itself to the research and advancement of “business halacha” and Choshen Mishpat (חושן משפט) as it pertains to the modern world, with a special emphasis on ethical issues confronting the businessperson.

Its goal is to train Torah scholars to be able to field questions from people in the business world, and to serve as a resource, where people from all over the world, can ask questions pertaining to “business halacha.”

Questions are directed to members of the kollel, and they weigh in on the questions asked.

All questions are treated with the fullest confidentiality.

Mission Statement

Kollel Toras Zeraim - Institute of Business Halachah is a post graduate institute dedicated to the advancement of business and personal ethics.

In a period of history witnessing the decline of morals and ethics, Kollel Toras Zeraim promotes adherence to the higher calling of Torah learning and Torah living.

Kollel Toras Zeraim caters to a vibrant group of scholars from diverse backgrounds. This cadre of bright young men, culled from the cream of Israel’s finest schools, plumb the depths of Judaism’s view of business and personal ethics, in addition to training in personal development and preparing for future leadership positions in Israel and abroad.

Kollel Toras Zeraim promotes a vision of creating a better world by planting the seeds of Jewish education. Ultimately, these seeds will develop into a flourishing landscape of Jewish living and Jewish heritage.

Kollel Toras Zeraim’s success remains the community’s success – partnering today in supporting an institution dedicated to the fostering of Judaism’s timeless ideals, thereby creating our better tomorrow.