Rosh Kollel - ראש כולל

HaRav Chaim Mendelson

Rosh Kollel - ראש כולל

Bio of the Rosh Kollel

American born and raised, Rabbi Chaim Mendelson, “The Business Rabbi”, is a dynamic public speaker and educator, with many years of teaching experience.

He served with distinction on the faculty of Machon Shlomo Torah Institute, Yerushalayim, for twelve years, where he enabled young men deprived of a Torah education to access their rich heritage.

He then went on to found “Kollel Toras Zeraim - Institute for Business Halacha”, which for the past 16 years has devoted itself to the research and advancement of “business halacha”, as it pertains to the modern world, with a special emphasis on ethical issues confronting the businessperson.

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